All Musicians, One Question:

“How do I get my music to break through!?”

I’m working really hard on my music, but…

  • I am not sure what to do next
  • I don’t know how to find my audience online

  • I need to know how to make competitive, professional recordings

  • It’s hard to stay focused, and I’m overwhelmed

STOP taking Course after Course trying to pull it all together by YOURSELF.

Break through with a Big Picture, Wholistic Approach using a multi-step process to:

  • Get connected to a community for support
  • Get the right kind of feedback
  • Find the best and most efficient way to record your music
  • And, do it without the overwhelm.


Build your career to BREAK THROUGH

Holistic Creative Coaching for the Dedicated Musician

More than ever, MUSICIANS need to know how BREAK THROUGH ONLINE. How to go from IDEA to FULL PRODUCTION and BEYOND.

The TOTAL ARTIST PROGRAM provides the COMPLETE SOLUTION to ensure the OPTIMM RESULTS for Career Success.


The Difference between STRUGGLING Forever and Achieving SUCCESS, lies in the SUPPORT you Receive.


Musicians Need to:

  • MASTER your Fool Proof Writing and Collaborative Process
  • SOLIDIFY a Sound That People Can’t Forget
  • MASTER a Repeatable Production Process
  • INTEGRATE the Feedback, Mentoring and Support You Need
  • CREATE Breakthrough Music by Getting Personalized Feedback on Your Songs 
  • FEEL the Joy in Creating Music Again

You’ll Get:

  • Weekly Video Content + Action Items
  • Monthly Group Calls: 60-minute Live Q&A and Review of Content
  • Monthly 90- Minute Group Feedback Sessions
  • Community Facebook Group to Privately Share Process, Obstacles, and Breakthroughs
  • Structured Learning and Proven Process for Developing Your Sound and Career
  • Option to upgrade to 1:1 Feedback, Mentoring and Support

Finally make real progress in moving your music career forward

What David’s clients are saying:

I’ve worked with numerous vocal/ music coaches, therapists and teachers, but David just hits the nail on the head every time. As artists it’s very easy at times to feel “stuck” or intrinsically uncertain, possibly even lost, yet David helps to make such scenarios navigable and positive. David has consistently provided me with crystal clarity and invaluable guidance. I believe David’s positivity and enlightenment are a necessary asset to any artists career—no matter what stage.”

Ariel Levitan

Artist, Songwriter, Engineer

I was totally impressed by the high quality and character of the people that you have surrounded yourself with

The content made some lightbulbs come on that gave me a very salient idea of where to focus my energy. The balance of all the sessions was really great. 

This is truly a treasure trove of inspiration. The one’s I’ve watched so far have lit a fire beneath me and I’m truly excited for my musical future!!

About David

David Brownstein is Founder of The Total Artist Music Development Program, where dedicated musicians discover the exact steps necessary to succeed in the music business today. 

David works with musicians who are creating and promoting music that is not breaking through, who are struggling to get their music to the right people or are frustrated with their progress.

The Total Artist’s transformational multi-step process helps musicians get better gigs and placements, build an amazing team and collaborate with the best people in the business.

Total Artist clients become more productive, make more money and create a rich life supported by creative work they love. 

David is no stranger to the game of music creation and production. An Award winning film-maker, a Grammy nominated Music-Video producer, a celebrated TEDx Speaker,  David has coached, lectured, written, collaborated, produced and DJ’d around the world in Bali, Thailand, London, Ibiza and Estonia. 

Named a Top 100 Thought Leaders by Leadership Excellence Magazine, he has been featured in the New York Times, CNN, Self Magazine, the Hollywood Reporter, Vogue and Investors Business Daily, he is an acclaimed and certified coach, (CPCC, PCC.) 

David’s unique, broad and deep knowledge of the musician’s soul, the process of making music and the nuances….make him an unparalleled coach for the indie musician of today.)