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How Do I Get My Music to Break Through?


How Do I Get My Music to Break Through?


No, seriously. How the F*ck Do I Break Through?


Learn the 5 Mistakes Indie Artists Make — and what you really need to break through.

The good news is – It’s never been easier to make and share your music.

The bad news is – with 40,000 songs uploaded to Spotify every day, it’s never been harder to break through the crowd.

We’ve never had such amazing creative tools on our laptops and in our pockets. 

We’ve never been more distracted, 
unfocused, and overwhelmed.

That’s why I’m offering this FREE half-hour Online Training, “
The Five Mistakes Indie Artists Make:
 How the Stars Break Through and How You Can Too!”

About David

David is a Los Angeles-based producer, songwriter, and creative career coach who works with musical artists and developing artists. He has been featured in The New York Times, CNN, Self Magazine and Vogue. Clients include creatives and executives from ABC, NBC, CBS, Sony, Warner Brothers, Walt Disney, HBO, E! Entertainment, Bravo, MTV Networks, ICM, William Morris Agency and the BBC.


I’ve worked with numerous vocal/ music coaches, therapists and teachers, but David just hits the nail on the head every time. As artists it’s very easy at times to feel “stuck” or intrinsically uncertain, possibly even lost, yet David helps to make such scenarios navigable and positive.”

—Ariel Levitan

Artist, Songwriter, Engineer

David Brownstein’s keynote on “Finding Your Signature Sound” kept everyone involved and participating — no small feat at 10:00 am with a room full of musicians who usually get up at noon. He was informative, entertaining, and inspiring. Usually a speaker is one or two at most.”

—Harriet Schock

Platinum Songwriter, Recording Artist, Songwriting Consultant

David is like a wrecking ball with heart. He’s tranquil when I’m upset, gasoline when I’m on fire, a constant celebrator of my talent and potential. It’s like having, in one person, an olympic trainer, a therapist, a dance partner, a guru, and a member of the Spanish Inquisition.”

—Jennie Orvino

Writer, Producer, Performer

Make 2021 your breakthrough music year.

Succeed in the new music business.